ANTISNOR ®: the natural solution against snoring

The ANTISNOR® ring stands out as the gentle, effective and 100% natural solution against snoring acting on an acupuncture point. The effect can be immediate or escalate over days.

The ANTISNOR® ring is based on traditional Chinese medicine and its action on the meridians in order to help you stop snoring. We already know the process which avoids having motion sickeness by wearing a bracelet stimulating a point of the wrist preventing nausea and dizziness. The respiratory system involved in the mechanics of snoring also has a specific focus and the ANTISNOR® ring stimulates continuously to find back a quiet sleep.

It is important to wear the ring all night on the left hand little finger to activate the meridian to connect to the desired muscles. Avoid wearing the ring for more than 12 hours in a row so you do not lose the benefits of acupressure.

Available in three sizes (L: 20mm, M: 18mm S: 16mm), the ANTISNOR® ring is well adapted to fit both the fingers of men and women.

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→ Patented since 2001
→ 83% de satisfaction totale (Etude clinique Proclaim - 2012)

→ Hypoallergeni
→ Drug free treatment for snoring acupressure

→ A unique and sustainable purshase (unlike sprays or tablets)

→ Discrete, you only have to wear it on the left hand little finger.

ANTISNOR® ring is available in pharmacies, drugstores and healthy food stores. Contact us to know the store closest to you.

Also buy the ANTISNOR® ring directly on our website.

Available in three sizes

39,90 € (£ 33.62)

Antisnor ring : 39,90 € (<span class='pound'>£</span>33.62)
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